Sunday, 7 November 2010

Dr Sketchy's Birmingham - Paradise Island

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*grumble I just wrote this entire blog only for my darned computer to decide to restart itself and lose it all, lets try again!*

Already another Dr Sketchy's Birmingham has come around (I really don't know where this year is going), for those not familiar with the concept see my earlier blog here for more details. This months theme was Paradise Island.

Liberty Pink opened the show with a song I must admit, I am unfamiliar with, I did mean to ask her the title but I of course forgot in all the excitement. I'm not sure she'll thank me for saying this but I thought she looked like a punk Mermaid Barbie *giggles*

Next up Dani California with her 'Bird of Paradise' act to 'Uninvited' by Alanis Morissette. Now I will admit usually I don't like Isis Wings, the adage 'seen one seen 'em all' can sometimes ring true. Dani is an exception to this rule, she 'gives good face' (not a euphemism!) and so brings all her characters to life. I love the movement in these shots, often live photographers will use high ISO of F-stops to get sharp still images at live events. I personal think stills are for the studio, I like to see movement in my live shots, how else are you to show that the subject is a dancer and not a model?

Followed by Missy Malone and her 'Gold Rush' routine. Some more great movement shots, this girl really does not keep still, not for one second, I was almost out of breath just trying to keep up with her! Even whilst practically running around the stage, she has fantastic poise and perfect foot placement.

Last but not least, Mysti Vine, one of THE most hilarious burlesque performers (along with my muse Emerald Ace, Red Sarah and Crimson Skye IMO). Her face is like an Aardman animation on fast forward and I'm sure she'll take that as the compliment intended.

Liberty closed the show with a song called 'On a Boat', now I'm told this is from a Youtube viral that managed to pass me by, however even with the joke being slightly lost on me, seeing Liberty jumping around as a hip hop pirate was pretty darned amusing!

To find out more join the facebook group for Dr Sketchy's Birmingham HERE or for those far away a quick google will find the Dr Sketchy's in your area.



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