Sunday, 17 October 2010

BICS & Dr Sketchy's Birmingham

Morning all

So this week saw me mostly swearing at metallic fabric in preparation for a very special Dr Sketchy's Birmingham at BICS - British international comics show. The show featured ...

Crimson Skye as Sally Jupiter
Parma Violet as Harley Quinn
Sherry Trifle as Cheetara
Marnie Scarlet as Poison Ivy
Liberty Pink as Jessica Rabbit and Tank Girl
and Myself as Wonder Woman

Our maid Tiffany Beau as Sally Jupiter, organised by Candee and Dr Sketchy's Birmingham in conjunction with BICS. It was a delightful event, if a little strange to be posing in a lecture theatre! I've posted a few pics of me in my Wonder Woman costume below, for more images from the event please go to the Dr Sketchy's Birmingham Flikr group HERE.

Wonder Woman costume all hand made by myself, other than the tiara and bracers which were custom made by the wonderful Antrobus and Grimm Leather (Don't let their website fool you, they dont update it because they are always so busy!)

I shall be modelling in my Wonder Woman costume again at Dr Sketchy's Birmingham at our usual venue The Victoria on March 26th, hope to see you there.



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