Sunday, 19 December 2010

Cherryfox® and Her adventures in Edinburgh - Part 1 'Working Hard'

Well hello

So for pretty much all of December I was off working in Edinburgh, not (as usual) performing but assisting a photographer friend of mine Chris Davison of 4Life Photography with event portraits at Best Parties.The journey up was awful, I managed to go the day the heavens dumped ALL the snow on the whole country. I arrived so late that my friend had fallen asleep and I had to wait over an hour (partly in the street in the snow and partly in the pub next door) to come let me in. Not the best start and the journey back a month later went just the same way! The snow effected the events as well, meaning lots were cancelled and some very quiet. It was hard being away from home for a whole month, but at least I was in Edinburgh so I got to spend time with friends I usually only see a few times a year.

The work itself was mainly set up and sales, but I did get to take some pics and as usual ended up taking lots of pictures of the performers and staff at the event. I can only liken the experience itself to working on a cruise ship but without the sunshine, there were kitchen staff, security staff, dancers, acrobats, casino staff, bar staff, us and of course the customers. Hundreds and hundreds of them every night, all on their one night out a year. Now, my barmaid days are a good few years behind me and I had forgotten how tiring it was placating drunks, still the skills were still there and I managed in general to have a pretty good time.

When I wasn't working I was scouring the local charity shops for bargains (I got some great vintage undies and dresses for up-cycling), eating cinnamon rolls from the polish bakery at the end of our street, watching Star Trek Next Generation, hanging out with my fav scottish buddies and generally being snowed in!

So here are a few pics of the team and of my favourite clients of the month. I'll post the silly test shots of me in another blog so this one doesn't take a week to load!

Chris (my boss for the month) being a poser *giggles*

The Black Eagles Acrobatic Troupe, fantastic lads, we had a real laugh (await silly pictures of me being chucked about in a future blog)

Hilaly Daddykasele from the Black Eagles, he came to have his picture taken by me every night for his wife back at home, who had twins while we were away, to add to their already large family! Bless their whole giant family!

The Dancers, poor things had to dance the same 4 numbers to the same 4 songs every night, I bet they never want to salsa/samba again!

The Casino Team, as you can see, much fun!

My favourite pic/customers of the month, they were so self-concious trying to pose in front of the camera, they had been dancing in the queue so I told them to go back to dancing and got this great shot, amongst others.

A couple of ladies who were lucky enough to come and have their picture taken while I was photographing the Black Eagles, made their years!

So there's a little bit about what I got up to in December, keep an eye out for future blogs with pics of me getting chucked about by the Black Eagles and sprawling all over a gorgeous classic car!



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  1. The ones of the ladies with the Black Eagles made me chuckle on an otherwise grouchy morning! :D