Sunday, 29 August 2010

'Voodoo Lady' Daiquiri Dusk

Evening All

Well, I finally seem to have a full set of working gear so I've managed to start catching up on my editing. These next few shoot blogs might be a little less detailed than usual as the shoots aren't as fresh in my head.

So, a wee while ago I did another little impromptu shoot with Daiquiri Dusk featuring her new Beautifully Boudoir corset, as I mentioned in my earlier blog. The corset is for her new 'Voodoo Showgirl' act, so I wanted a hot jungle theme to these images. A Uni friend of mine brought me back a great piece of African batik fabric back from her year teaching there. I've been itching to use it as a backdrop before turning it into a tea dress, this seemed the perfect theme for it. To add to the feel in the styling I messed the hair up and pinned various flowers, feathers and a black metal crown into it, aiming for it to look like they had been collected over time. I also felt we needed something to stand in for the cliché necklace of skulls that goes along with the voodoo stereotype. I strung a large shell onto a 1920's shell belt and positioned it draped across the shoulders rather than round the neck, for a more fashion feel over entirely costume.

To make sure the busy background and the patterned corset didn't merge into one, I needed to find a way to separate the figure from the backdrop. I didn't want to use depth of field to knock it back as I wanted the pattern in focus, so I decided to position the lights and the backdrop in such a way to cast a regular line of shadow outlining the figure. This technique is more successful in some shots than others due to the position of the model in relation to the backdrop.

I did very little to these images in post other than warm them up a little as my lights have a slight blue cast. Bit of light airbrushing to even skin tone and a little extra oomph worked into the makeup.

These images will be used to advertise Daiquiri and will hopefully be picked up by Beautifully Boudoir to advertise their products also. They will also be put into editing for my new book, when I get round to figuring out exactly what it is that'll be about. The current working theme is 'inspiration in burlesque' I'll narrow it down a little once I've shot it for a while, see what presents itself.

Expect these blogs to be like busses for a while, I've shot such a lot lately that I haven't been able to do anything with due to the lack of computer!



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