Sunday, 4 July 2010

This week I have been mostly... 4th July Edition

Hello all,

Well after a super busy few weeks things have finally quietened down to a pace I can (just about) keep up with.

Exciting highlights this week included a visit on Thursday from Daiquiri Dusk, I do so love when we find down time to just hang out as friends, as opposed to hanging out at gigs when we are in Burlesque character. We also found time to fit in a photo shoot so she could model her amazing new corset by Beautifully Boudoir. It's the most gorgeous piece of leopard print wonderfulness! So to embrace the inner animal we used a 'Voodoo Lady' theme. I'll post the full set of pics up when they are properly edited but I put a sneaky peak here.

Daiquiri Dusk 'Voodoo Lady'
Corset by Beautifully Boudoir

In complete contrast to this I also did some corporate photography this week for Connexions North Staffs. I don't really do corporate work (I find it far too contrived but not in the good way!) but as I've mentioned before whilst studying for my degree I also worked for my university (Staffordshire University) so I still do the odd bit of photography for them for old times sake (well and corporate rates!). As with all corporate shoots it was... challenging, the people drafted in to 'model' were rather reluctant and uncomfortable but I did my best to put them at ease and try to get some images that looked 'natural' and captured the spirit of the services Connexions provide. Access to education for all is something I really believe in and Connexions provide a valuable service for young people. *gets off soap box*

I thought it would be interesting here to show the juxtaposition of my personal photography projects and commissioned corporate work. My life is really never the same two days running!

Also this week, exciting developments in my personal life (which I don't usually talk about but this is an important exception) The Evil Genius has moved in with me. So chez Fox is now chez Evil Fox or possibly chez Cherry Genius, hmmm, OK perhaps these names need some work, should prolly get The Evil Genius to come up with the new name, him being a wordsmith and a genius and all!

Next weeks highlights include a visit from/ and shoot with Tempest Devyne who is back in the UK for a short time during her sabbatical in the US of A (I can't wait to see her, I've missed her so much!) and a shoot with Ginger La Rouge who will be dressed as your favourite ring collecting speed demon!



Connexions Hanley Office

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