Sunday, 11 July 2010

This week I have been mostly... 11th July Edition

Afternoon all,

Well, this week was a delightful mix of fun times, photo shoots and technological 'issues'.

Wednesday saw a visit from the wonderful Tempest Devyne, who I am missing like crazy since she upped sticks and carted off across the Atlantic! Much as I miss her, America seems to be doing wonders for her, she seems happier than I have seen her in a long time, which warms my heart. We managed to fit in a shoot in her new 'Jessie the Cowgirl' Lady Ga Ga inspired costume, strange combination but oddly it did work! Why is there no sneak peak you ask... I'll get to that later.

Today I caught up with Ginger La Rouge for another shoot, well in fact two. All these recent shoots are for my next book project which is around the theme of inspiration and routine building in UK burlesque. Ginger provided an interesting contrast with a fetish baroque queen costume and... wait for it.... Sonic the hedgehog! Featuring an appearance by The Evil Genius' original Sonic the Hedgehog toy, who I don't think will ever forget Ginger!

So onto the technological 'issues', anyone who is not a photography geek will want to skip to the next paragraph, you have been warned. So for those who are still with me, I decided a little while ago that I want to invest in a new digital SLR, my current camera (a canon 30d) has served me well for the past 5 years but is now a little outdated. Now the new camera I intend to buy (a canon 7d) requires Photoshop cs4 to process it's RAW files, so I decided in preparation for the impending purchase I would upgrade to from cs2 to cs5 (no point upgrading to cs4 as it's already been superseded). I installed it all fine and dandy, no signs of problems, I'd used it to rough edit images and some graphics work, all fine. Then I tried to fine edit my 'Voodoo Lady' shoot with Daiquiri Dusk from last week, the lag was mind bogglingly bad, making fine editing impossible. So it seems before I can upgrade my camera I need a new computer. Like my camera my computer is also 5 years old and unable to be upgraded to the spec necessary for cs5. So sadly I cant edit any of my recent shoots until I have a new computer. Rather inconvenient but at least I found out before I had an exciting new camera that I would have been unable to use!

Speaking of books, earlier this year I entered my 'Strange and Beautiful' UK Burlesque books into the Blurb Photography book Now competition, which closed this week, although the results of the first round of judging aren't announced until mid September! For anyone that doesn't know, last year I published two books about the UK Burlesque scene for my final degree project, one of studio portraits and one of live images, both books feature a foreword from Kittie Klaw matriarch of The Ministry of Burlesque. The books were accompanied by two exhibitions, one in Stoke-on-Trent and one at the AOP gallery in London. You can view (and buy should you wish) both books by clicking on the widgets below. Please be patient with them, they take a little while to load, and don't ask me why the colour has gone bonkers on the cover of the live book, I promise that's just the widget and not the actual book. If you like my books please vote for your favourite in the 'Peoples Choice' portion of the competition. Click on the link under the widget and you will see a big orange voting button. There's so many other amazing entries that I need all your support!

Next week sees an event so important that there is nothing else to mention, I am performing at The Ministry of Burlesque's High Tease at the Lowry in Manchester. An event that I have worked towards for my entire burlesque career. It really is a dream come true and the most terrifying thing I have ever done!

Bye for now


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