Sunday, 13 September 2015

It Ain't Ballet? Lucha Fun Times in America! Pt 1

Since I last blogged about my It Ain't Ballet? Photographic comparison of Pro-Wrestling and Cabaret I had the unbelievable opportunity to travel to America and photograph Chikara's 'King Of Trios' and also Excellence Pro Wrestling (more on that lovely lot in a later blog)!

After photographing Chikara on their UK tour earlier this year Read my blog about the Chikara UK 2015 Tour Here I was privileged enough to be invited over to Philadelphia USA to photograph their King Of Trios event. The event sees teams of 3 wrestlers from promotions all around the world to compete for the title 'King Of Trios' This event has always been a personal favourite of mine and this year featured teams from our very own Fight Club Pro and Attack Pro Wrestling, as well as teams from New Japan Pro Wrestling and AAA Wrestling Mexico (also starts of TV's Lucha Underground)

 While in Philadelphia I was looked after by Icarus, who very kindly opened his home to me, drove me across country daily and after an issue with my luggage going missing, even lent me his clothes! Contrary to many of the characters he has portrayed in ring over his 13 year career as one of the 'Chikara Originals, Icarus is an incredibly warm and open guy. He'd undoubtedly deny that though.
As an added bonus, my attending King Of Trios meant I got to photograph him in the costume I designed for him, which was made by the lovely Kate Nix at Closet Champion

It was absolutely amazing to work with the Chikara Pro and Fight Club Pro guys again, and to be at King Of Trios was something I would never have dreamed would happen. The whole cast and crew, significant others, techs, students, fans, everyone, treated me immediately like family, pleased to see me again and amazed I'd made the trip. It's just glorious when you get to work with people who you really WANT to help promote, nothing helps you produce your best work than a genuine want to show all involved in the best possible light. A million thanks to everyone I met, you're far too numerous to mention individually, but know if you saw me KOT then I thought you were awesome!

I took literally thousands of pictures over the course of the 3 days, but here are just a few of my favourites (all from day one so as not to spoil any results for those who might not have seen it yet)

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