Friday, 18 September 2015

It Ain't Ballet? Cabaret Capers in America! Pt 1

So in the second part of my Adventures in America towards my 'It Ain't Ballet? Photographic comparison of Pro-Wrestling and Cabaret' was obviously the Cabaret! I was invited to New York to visit Burlesque Goddess Legs Malone and Beautifully bonkers film maker/ Punk musician Lola Rocknrolla. I have to say I was in terribly good company!

 I have never been to America before let alone New York, and it was everything I imagined it to be and more. I was greeted by a heat wave, not something someone from Glasgow is used to! After a rather stressful journey from Philly to NYC on a train bigger than anything I have ever seen, several subway trains due to cancellations and a broken suitcase, I arrived at the wonderful flat that was to be my home for the next two weeks. Legs is one of those people with the immediate ability to make everything all better with just a kind look. After Pizza and meeting my animal housemates for the trip we hit the ground running with 'Behind the Velvet Curtain' at the Beauty Bar

This was a show set in a bar that was done out like a 50's beauty parlour, complete with dome hairdryers and sinks. While waiting for the show I watched the oddest art house film and sipped a cocktail that could have powered a hot rod, totally winning start to my NYC adventure.

The following day I got a chance to photograph and do a wee turn at Wolfshine Burlesque, a lovely burlesque night run by Legs Malone in a charming little Brooklyn Biker Bar. Reminded me of the early Silhouette Burlesque shows and I felt right at home right away! Apologies to the lovely ladies who were on before me who I wasn't able to photograph.




Legs Malone being stripped by an audience member in a tribute to Yoko Ono's performance art piece

Cast photo, in our changing room, oh the unending glamour. I have to say it was exactly what I wanted a Brooklyn Bar show to be, red lights, engaged crowd, bar staff with all the chat and plentiful booze. I had a brilliant time pretending to be WAY posher than I am, english accents get you far in NYC!

I visited the Slipper Rooms, it's such an iconic burlesque venue and you can feel the atmosphere dripping off the walls. The show was amazing, the american girls have such sass and there was an ample amount of weird cabaret thrown in too which of course I love. The compare and I had a bit of banter during the show and he liked me so much he invited me back the following week to sing for them! Any pretence I was making of being cool totally dropped at that moment, pretty sure I 'SQUEEE'd out loud *shame*





  Times Scare 'I love New York' Show

Amongst my other adventures in New York outwith the project, I got to dance for Lola's awesome Punk Band 'Sweet Tits'

Thanks to Legs for taking the pics of me

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