Sunday, 6 June 2010

This week I have been mostly... 6th June Edition

Evening all...

So I thought as well as my posts about specific achievements of note I would post a little something each Sunday to let you all know about the little bits of stuff that goes on behind the scenes and upcoming events etc.

So this week I have been mostly cleaning chez Fox, sadly it's rented so every three months I have to spend a week shutting all my artistic mess in cupboards and generally attempting to make the place presentable for the estate agent. It made me realise how much blooming stuff I have waiting to go on eBay, waiting to be customised, altered or generally turned into something beautiful! I really must find time for that before the evil genius moves in next month.

Friday was a day of highs and lows, as I mentioned in my previous blog my friend Gayle moved back to Holland after nearly 4 years here. It was weird watching her drive away, and add to that it being my 'late twenty something' birthday, it felt a bit like the end of a era. But this new era seems to be going pretty well so far! The rest of Friday was spent generally eating yummy food and playing Suikoden V (like final fantasy but a million times better!) with the evil genius. It was the first guilt free day off I've had in months, joyous!

Yesterday my 'home' friends threw a little BBQ for my birthday. (Burlesque birthday party is at Silhouette Burlesque at the Appleby on 20th June) We scoffed the poshest BBQ food ever (peppered burgers yum!) and despite a brief rain shower (which we of course, being English, refused to allow to chase us inside) it was mild enough for us to sit out till rather late, chatting and drinking pink fizz. I was also presented with a sparkly Swarovski bracelet which is rather lush!

Exciting events next week, brief holiday in wales, Staffordshire University AMD degree show and a shoot. Then Silhouette Burlesque the week after. Yay, exciting times, as always.

Night all


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