Sunday, 13 June 2010

This week I have been mostly... 13th June Edition


This week I have been mostly chilling out! The biggest drawback to being self employed, the one you never think about before you try running your own business, is the lack of time off. Before you start you assume you'll be able to take time off whenever you need it, well you cant. You can take time off when you have earned the rent! Having met this criterion this month, I decided it was about time I took a little holiday, albeit one on a rather tight budget.

As luck would have it, The Evil Genius's momma has just moved to Wales and a rather nice, country side-y bit of wales at that, LlanFair. So with various relaxation aids packed including 1940's & 1950's fashion histories and a giant tapestry of a fairy I've been working on for about ten years, we embarked on the surprisingly short jaunt to wales, via a rather fine roadside greasy spoon for bacon butties (I believe I have mentioned before my penchant for a good greasy spoon!). Tuesday evening was spent mainly sat on the veranda enjoying the weather and peace, topped off with a little scenic walk to the local pub 'The Goat' and some real ale. Absolutely delightful!

Obligatory holiday snap of a boat, cause you have to, don't you!

Wednesday saw a trip to the sea side. Being from the coast I love the sea and enjoy nothing more than sitting on the beach doing nothing. Sadly living in the midlands I find myself rather landlocked and don't get to do this nearly often enough. Our first stop on the journey to the beach was a little walk round Machynlleth, where I fell in love with a bronze cast maple leaf necklace I couldn't afford. (I resisted the urge to buy it but I'm beginning to regret that decision!) Another stop was made for Honey Ice Cream at the Halo Ice Cream Factory (I had mint and it was definitely worth stopping for!) Then finally it was time for the beach, I was bursting with excitement in the back of the car like a little kid and the threat of rain wasn't even marring this (I'd packed my umbrella). We pulled up at Tywyn, Gwynedd, tumbled out of the car and I half ran to the sea front. What I found was the most depressing thing ever for one previously feeling those pangs of joy usually only found in childhood. The beach was populated only by JCB's and the great yellow brutes had piled all the sand up into one giant mound! The beach, and I kid you not, was closed for remodelling! Back in the car and back on the road to Aberdovey and thank goodness the beach there was both open and quiet. Cheese and pickle sandwiches on the beach, whilst the boys dug holes, Bliss! The evening was rounded out by a return visit to 'The Goat' this time for some amazing food, along with bacon butties I'm a sucker for a good medium rare rump steak, this did not disappoint.

Thursday was our last day in Wales, we went on a quiet walk round LlanFair and had tea in a beautiful little chocolate shop that's recently opened, sat outside by a stream. I have a collection of chocs in my fridge that I'm saving for a 'special occasion', they are far too pretty to just scoff! On our journey home we stopped off at an amazing little vintage shop (the name of which I am not yet willing to share *giggles*) the lady was just closing up when we arrived but the place was a treasure trove, I am definitely saving up and making a trip back there!

So back home I decided to drag out my holiday to the end of the week. Friday night we attended this years Arts, Media and Design degree show at Staffordshire University, where I graduated from last year (BA Hons Photography First Class with Honours). I only had time to rush round the photography work but technically it was of a really high standard this year, impressive. I shall make time for a real look round this week. We saw out the evening in the union bar catching up with old friends, lecturers, staff and workmates (I also worked for the uni for 4 years during my course).

To top off a week of gallivanting Saturday and Sunday were spent hanging out in Birmingham with Candee and Jacob. Highlights include BBQ in the sun (also featuring Liz, Jacobs band mate in Electroflex), catching sharks and playing maracas on the Dreamcast, Liz's friends house being the house on Dr Who this week, a mini photo shoot, fighting with Photoshop, bitching about the education system, lovely birthday presents (who knew gerberas had leaves!) and general chilled out fun times.

Cherryfox® wearing Cherryfox® Creations Corset and Bra
(C) Candee Photography

Back in the real world I have caught up on my Cherryfox® Creations orders and I'm taking orders for costumes, customisations, plushies etc but I'm only taking on 5 more projects for the time being, first come first served.

Looking forward to Silhouette Burlesque this weekend (the Burlesque night I've been running for over two years), got some fantastic performers travelling a long way for this one, and it doubles as my burlesque birthday party! I think I'm going to dress as a pixie, for no reason other than I want to wear my pixie boots with bells on the toes!

Wow this has been a long one, hope you're still with me and hope to see you all at the Appleby on Sunday, all the details you need are on the poster.


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